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The advantages and disadvantages of the production line

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1. The characteristics of the assembly line are:

Each process has a specific person to complete, step by step processing. Each person does a specific job.

2. Advantages:

It will be faster to produce this way, because everyone only needs to do one thing and is very familiar with what they do.

3. Disadvantages:

People who work will find it very boring.

Daily maintenance

The main attention to the daily maintenance of assembly line equipment is as follows:

1. First, the personnel in the production workshop should monitor the equipment during the use of the equipment (whether the equipment is operating normally).

2. The equipment technicians in the production workshop supervise the equipment in this area and are responsible for all equipment in this workshop.

3. Electromechanical repair workshop; this is an important department of equipment, responsible for the spot inspection, maintenance and repair of all production line equipment.

The high-efficiency production characteristics of the production line and the inefficient and complicated logistics distribution have become a bottleneck that restricts the smooth flow of logistics in the factory. Enterprises are prone to the following problems in the logistics distribution process on the production line:

(1) On the production line, the use of logistics containers is not standardized, the packaging has not been standardized and standardized, and the stacking is still messy.

(2) Although the logistics on the production line can smoothly reach the production line, there is no JIT in the operation, and there is still a slight margin, which leads to an increase in the accumulated margin of materials, which still affects the subsequent material distribution, and the production line stops production. Still produced from time to time.

(3) Different types of products with large volume and heavy weight result in low labor efficiency of workers and lower product assembly quality on the production line.

(4) In terms of ideological understanding, due to the unclear understanding of the importance of "production line logistics distribution" in the factory. It is mistaken that standardization is limited to the standardization of containers, and it has not reached the standardization of cognition, management, and operation.

(5) The punctuality of delivery is compromised. Due to the influence of the inertial thinking of the distribution staff, they believe that "distribution is to ensure that there is material on the production line" and "send more points this time, and send less points next time." However, the rhythm and dynamics of the production line are not considered, resulting in futile effort Increase the online burden.

(6) Insufficient grasp of the product. Different output and different types of products do not adopt different product layout methods according to the nature of their own production methods and technological processes.

(7) Due to its own shortcomings, a single production line has high efficiency but no flexibility, and multiple types of products and frequent rotations make the line unloaded.